Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 23, 2013

Do you believe that you have wounds that cannot be healed? Do you not even bother to try because of that belief? Or do you try to live in denial of your old woundedness, trying not to look at it or acknowledge it is there. Many of you are at the stage now where you are getting down to the really old issues, the deepest, oldest issues, the really painful stuff. Dear Ones, trying to pretend it isn’t there does not amount to successful healing. But looking at it with your new, far more empowered vision will allow you to acknowledge those old hurts and release them once and for all. Do not be afraid! Looking at them does not give them more power. Trying to ignore them is what continues to give them the power they do not deserve. It is quite simple. By choosing to stay stuck and not give yourself the healing you need and deserve, you become your own abuser. You are more than ready to deal with those last vestiges of your old issues. Let them go, once and for all. Free yourself. Embrace that healing, complete and total healing, is not only a possibility, it is your divine right. ~Archangel Gabriel

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