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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 30, 2019

Most of you have been raised to adjust your behaviour into some version of what others think you should be. This has been done by shaming, punishing, and criticizing you into conforming. Judgment and control is at the core of all of it. This is a system of non-acceptance and conditional love. You are on the planet to shift beyond all of that and anchor new ways of being.

Your fear of judgment dissipates when you understand other people are simply not qualified to speak on your own unique life expression. They can only give advice based on what would be best for them. If they were evolved enough to understand your entire soul mission, they would have no interest in judging you. The very fact they judge tells you they are not qualified to advise.

Conditional love is a means of control. You, as an enlightening human being, are about freedom and expansion. You are no longer interested in giving your power away to an old, outmoded system. Rather, you are invested in creating new templates of unconditional love and acceptance. Encouragement and creative self expression is what your soul wishes to support and experience.

The main point of this message is if the next step of your evolutionary journey is to evolve beyond those abusive constraints, you must begin within with your treatment of self. You must release that old conditioning and pattern of abuse with mindful self talk that is encouraging, accepting, and full of loving guidance in order to break the cycle once and for all. We hope that you will commit to that sacred mission today, for you simply cannot bully yourself into enlightenment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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