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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 5, 2022

Most human beings have adopted self imposed limitations that restrict their experiences and progress. Most of these have been accepted as truth long before you have evolved into the person you are today.

We invite you to explore all the ways you say no to possibilities or potentials, or ways you keep yourself small. You may have developed these strategies thinking they would keep you safe or comfortable, but we wish for you to understand that your truest comfort comes from allowing your soul to follow its purpose which is continual expansion and discovery.

Your self imposed limitations create dams in your flow. They limit what the universe can deliver to you because they emanate loud energetic no’s and don’t allow you to receive. Common limitations are thoughts like, my pay cheque is the only way money can come to me, all the good men or women are already taken, I can’t make money doing what I love, I’m too insignificant to make a difference, my addictions are stronger than I am, there’s no one who can understand me in my truth, just to name a few.

None of those statements are true! There is always a way for you to find your way to your dreams, but in order to do so you must be willing to be guided, to expand, and receive, and that means you must be willing to turn a hard energetic no into a let’s see what else is possible.

Are you willing to consider the idea that there may be other options available for you that you aren’t aware of that have the potential to make your heart sing? The only prerequisite to living a satisfying and magical life is the willingness to see where your soul has been trying to lead you all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Hi everyone! I have some news. I’ve decided to start holding monthly channels again on whatever themes seem to be most important to the times we are in. The first one will be this Saturday April 9 at 1 pm eastern time, and the topic will be Navigating Choppy Energies. This is a zoom event that will run an hour or so. It will be interactive so you will have a chance to ask questions. The cost is $35 USD to attend. My goal is to create a space where we can rebalance and recenter during these intense times. I hope you will join us, it should be lots of fun! You can sign up here: https://trinityesoterics.as.me/monthlychannel


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