Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 7, 2015

Dear Ones, we see many of you staying beautifully in balance, shining your light, and being in alignment. We also see you feel like certain situations or circumstances have the power to knock you out of that alignment.

Being in or out of alignment is always your choice, your preference. Hear us when we say that you will only lose that alignment if you give your power away to an external situation. So, rather than approaching a situation that you think will be difficult, or has been difficult in the past, by bracing yourself or shoring yourself up energetically in some defensive posture, which automatically states you are expecting to engage with these energies, why not simply choose to shine your light brightest during that time? Choosing to be of your highest service by holding the light is the way to approach any situation from a place of authentic power and beautiful alignment.

Being of service anchors you in a place that is non-reactive and unshakeable. It is wonderfully empowering to approach a situation with the intention of simply being of your highest vibration and service, and allowing others to simply be where they are. It is an approach that is filled with unconditional love, both for yourself, and for others. ~Archangel Gabriel

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