Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 6, 2013

If you had a shiny clean picture window that glowed with all the light that shone from within, you would easily be able to see all the beauty that existed beyond it. But if you decided to pick up handfuls of mud and dirt and hurl it at the window, and never bother to clean it, soon it would be difficult for people inside to see the beauty outside and vice versa. Dear Ones, this is exactly what happens to your energetics whenever you indulge in doubt, fear, negative self talk or any of the other tricks the ego self uses to keep you small. Do you see? Practicing energetic clarity, meditation, focusing on what you wish to have more of, gratitude, prayer – all of these are proven ways to keep the windows of your soul crystal clear to allow the brilliant beauty that exists both within and all around you to be enjoyed and celebrated to the fullest. ~Archangel Gabriel

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