Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 3, 2013

Your body has been doing an incredible job for you from the time you have taken your first breath. It has grown and supported you, and lovingly created a perfect housing for your soul, containing the DNA that will support you and your unique path. It has been using its innate intelligence to evolve and repair, to shift and regenerate, to breathe and perform countless functions, all to support your experience as a human.

Dear Ones, appreciate your body! Love your body! See it as the miracle of engineering it is and the constant support for you through all of your days. Nurture your body. Celebrate your body! Rather than picking on it for whatever aesthetic flaws you may perceive, why not appreciate it for its beauty and its many incredible functions?

If you begin to thank your body and truly start to show it love, you will enjoy far greater health and far greater energy and joy than ever before. You will begin brilliantly shining with a shimmering beauty that is far more genuine than anything you have experienced thus far, because you will have finally accepted that both your insides and your outsides are incredible expressions of Source, and that glorious congruency and unity will be a delight to behold. ~Archangel Gabriel

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