Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 11, 2014

We understand that taking money out of the equation of your manifestations can seem like a difficult thing to do or understand, but it can help your manifestation processes immensely. Many human beings have resistance to the energy of money, but have complete flow and resonance to the experiences they wish to create. By taking the stress of manifesting money out of your creations, you actually allow the universe many more ways to deliver to you.

Simply be clear about what you wish to create and release it to the universe. Then, surrender into the flow with complete trust, knowing that you are now in the process of aligning for your highest good. You may suddenly find yourself having the very experience you desired with little to no money being required at all! In fact, from being in that flow and alignment, you may suddenly be inspired with ideas and opportunities you would never have considered before, that allow you to create and experience an even greater result than you had ever dreamed possible.

The universe is extremely adept at matching people directly with their desires, and can do it in a myriad of ways if you can stay out of the attachment of it happening or looking a certain way. By surrendering to the flow with intention and trust, and allowing that flow more flexibility to deliver to you in whatever is the highest, most direct and easiest way possible, you will feel the magic of co-creating with the universe like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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