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Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 21, 2023

Your ego self is the part of you that thinks things should happen within a certain time period.  It may help to think of your ego self as a little toddler. It wants things now and has little patience for waiting to have its wants met.

Your soul understands divine orchestration and can settle into the unfoldment with acceptance and ease. It is much more patient and has the maturity to make the most out of the now moment however it is presenting, secure with the fact that things are taking shape behind the scenes.

So if you are frustrated with the timing of your manifestation process, it is likely you are out of alignment. With your conscious awareness connect with your inner wise one. Be willing to cast your net wider and be open to more possibilities. Work with your guides and be willing to flow and receive. Most of all, stay grounded in your knowingness while making the choice to see the wonder that exists all around you.  This will align you with the magic of both the present and the future while supporting the continual discovery of your truest desires. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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