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Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 25, 2020

What you will learn as you continue to move forward in these accelerated times is that your self expression is continually shifting and expanding to reflect your growth and latest level of attainment. Nothing is carved in stone, Dear Ones, and anything you attempt to make solid and immoveable will become a hindrance over time.

It can be worthwhile to examine anything that you have taken a hard stand or declaration about in your past. Is it true today, or is it a reflection of who you used to be? Was it based on fear or a desire to control? Does it feel like stagnant energy? Is it holding you back? Does it match the energies of today? Can you loosen up your constraints in that area, or is it time to release it once and for all?

Embracing the unfoldment of the shifting energies combined with your own ever evolving expression of self is how you will have everything you could ever need in order to keep moving forward in the ways that best match you and your soul’s intentions. There is much joy and discovery to be had if you shift into making all your decisions based on the truth of the present moment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

I’m so happy to announce that I have created a brand new program, Intuitive Parenting. Parenting is one of the most challenging and complex jobs we will ever have. With the energetic changes that are occurring on the planet, as well as the different needs and sensitivities the children of today have, it is becoming more and more essential to be able to connect with and lead our children in ways that empower everyone involved. This course is a series of 5 mp3’s you download and work through at your own pace and is designed to give you new energetic tools and supports to do just that. From now until February 29 this offering is on at an introductory rate of $99, which is $50 off if you use the coupon code IP2020. You can read the full course description and purchase it here:
Hope you enjoy it! xo


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