Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 4, 2014

We find it interesting that so many of you are taught that daydreaming is frivolous, that your imagination is foolish and should be discounted. Often children were told that in an effort to get them to pay attention or stop a certain behaviour or activity. It was the beginning of the very false lesson that control was good, that flow was bad, and that your creations or “having your head up in the clouds” had no merit. The dismissal of the power of imagination in your life has been incredibly disempowering to you, as it sought to stop the use of some of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal as a human being.

The energies of dreaming and imagination are completely vital for you to create and expand into your highest life expression. In fact, dreams are so important that they have been proven to be a major factor in the restorative part of sleep. This is why meditation is such a supportive practice to the enlightening human being. It creates a space that closely mimics the dream state.

It is through the flow of your imagination that you connect with Source and allow yourself to receive your highest inspirations. To imagine is to play in pre-manifestational energies, to try many different ideas and energies until you settle on a specific inspiration you would like to create.

While using your imagination, you experience your powers of creation, knowing whatever you can dream up, while you are in that imagination space, you can have, instantaneously. It is then, through your continued focus, energy and belief you make your inspired creations become part of your physical reality.

Do you see? Giving yourself permission to fantasize and use your imagination is absolutely essential for creating the life expression, and the New Earth, of your dreams. In fact, we would go so far as to say dreaming, meditating, imagining and creating is like healing balm to your soul because it honours the natural state of freedom, creation and expansion you seek to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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