Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 5, 2013

Whether you knew it or not, you have been working full-time  as an enlightening human being your entire life expression.  You may have been gathering information on what you do not want, or figuring out who you are not, first, but make no mistake it has ALL been work toward your enlightenment.  So, Dear Ones, do you not think it is time to step into those magnificent shoes of light?  Do you not think it is time to reap the rewards?  Do you not think you should receive benefits?  Perhaps it is time for you to retire and allow the next wave to do all the heavy work as you switch to lighter duty?  Whatever it is, please know, that lack is not part of the experience of the human beings of light.  You must simply release any leftover lack based belief systems, open yourself up and accept the wonderful opportunities and vast abundance that is your right as a pioneer of the New Earth.  You have earned it and you are worthy.  Accept!  It was yours to have all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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