Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 10, 2017


Many human beings have an all or nothing attitude. They feel that if they can’t make the leap into a huge success, there is no point in trying. While you hear stories about the overnight success, or those who win the lottery or experience some other monumental change of circumstance, the reality is most people are not energetically aligned to make such major changes.

But this does not for one second mean that you cannot have the changes you dream about. Far from it! It simply means that you must change your approach and start to honour the process of unfoldment.

Unfoldment is the journey of positive change, one Now moment at a time. It is moving towards your goals in increments, and celebrating each step with your use of gratitude. It is a path of faith and focus and flow.

Dear Ones, your success wishes to unfold for you right now! Do you desire healing? Do one small thing today that will support your wellness. Do you desire more money? Find a monetary amount that you feel comfortable and confident in creating and start from there. Do you wish to experience more love in your life? Find a way to experience the feeling of love, even if it is fleeting, today.

We cannot stress how quickly small consistent changes add up to big successes because with each effort, no matter how small, you are starting to embody what is desired and taking tangible action to match your intentions, and that, Dear Ones, is being the change. ~Archangel Gabriel

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