Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 14, 2014

Many people, when faced with a big decision and don’t know what to do, spend hours agonizing over the situation, playing out endless scenarios until they are completely overwhelmed with stress and anxiety.

While it is, obviously, very wise to look at all the angles and potentials, it may be that you still do not know the optimal solution and end up spinning your wheels becoming more frustrated and anxious in your need to resolve things. Most people feel the need to DO something right away, in order to move the energy forward, and when they cannot, they find themselves very uncomfortable, indeed.

Dear Ones, when such a situation occurs in your life, there is another option which will satisfy your need for action. The solution is to surrender. Surrender your issue to Source with the intention for the highest outcome for all. Know that the universe has a much greater and expanded vantage point and can easily find the best solution and deliver it to you.

If you surrender your problem, secure that it will be solved in the highest and fastest way possible, you can enter into the flow and allow the universe to bring the solution to you. It is a far more efficient way than trying to find the highest solution on your own. In fact, it is much like calling in an expert team of problem solvers! Surrender, flow, trust, and follow where the signs and synchronicities lead you, and you will move beyond any obstacle in record time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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