Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 5, 2021

A major theme of 2021 is moving beyond codependency into healthier interdependency. As the vast majority of you are empaths and you feel so much, it can be difficult to tell what is yours, what is others, and where your responsibility lies. The fact that many of you are on the planet with service contracts, it can make it confusing to know when to step in and when to step back. It can also lead to being out of balance with over giving and not allowing yourself to receive.

Feeling energy provides you a lot of information. It allows you to have a deeper understanding of what is going on with yourself, others and your world. It can help you identify areas of need, and why people may be acting in certain ways. It can feel overwhelming if you aren’t able to discern what is your and what is not.

If you are a sensitive it is imperative that you find an energetic clarity technique that helps you be fully present in your own energies comfortably. This can be as simple as connecting into your heart centre and allowing the white, luminous energy of your soul’s essence to expand from your heart until it surrounds your body in a ball that extends arm’s length all around you. This is an excellent practice for it allows you to lead through your beingness without practicing any form of separation. It is claiming your own energetics in a completely safe and empowered way.

If you are feeling energies profoundly it can be helpful to ask, “How much of this is mine?” You can tend to any discomfort that is yours with your own loving care and attention. You can send love to anything that is not yours, or hand it off to the angels or any other higher being if that feels more appropriate to you.

One of the most helpful questions you can ask if you have a tendency to take on other’s challenges is, “Am I being empathic or am I being codependent?” Are you simply getting the information or are you attempting to take on what isn’t yours? Healthy boundaries are key. A wonderful question to ask before you take action if you have been one to attempt to take on another’s wellness as your own is, “What is the most empowering choice for everyone involved?”

If you are constantly fixing things for another, it can be disempowering. It comes with the message that you don’t see them as being capable. Of course, if someone is about to tip over you reach over and catch them. But it is advised that you only do so until they can find their own balance again. Allowing others to be where they are while holding the space of encouragement for them is how you help others grow and find their own power in the ways that are perfect for them.

Sometimes empaths try to fix everything for others because they simply don’t know how to sit in uncomfortable feelings, whether they are their own or others. Dear Ones, feelings are just looking for acknowledgment. They are offering you information. You can lovingly tend to your own as your own parent and guide, and you can hold the space for others to help them to do the same.

If you are open to the creation of a new model that says we can assist each other joyfully and lovingly to discover our own divine capability by holding the space and encouraging each other in the most empowering ways, you will find healthy interdependency a much better system to help you all move forward into the energies of the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



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