Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 1, 2014

Frustration is an energy that occurs when you have perceive yourself to be powerless in a situation. It is an indicator that you have moved out of your highest alignment and become focused on what is “wrong”.

Dear Ones, if you have become frustrated, ask yourself the following questions. Where is my focus? Have I given my power away? Am I speaking my truth? Am I in victim consciousness or my authentic power? What can I do to shift into an alignment that can create desired change?

You are always in charge of you, and you always can create a better feeling energy for yourself. Always. Even if you cannot shift outward conditions at a given moment, you can always connect to the place of peace and authenticity that exists within you, which is always the first step to empowered change.

Frustration is merely an indicator that you are out of an alignment that can do anything about the current situation. It makes you feel uncomfortable to get your attention, as it exists as a reminder to shift into an alignment that can create the change you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel

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