Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 12, 2016


Dear Ones, if you wish to make positive changes in your life and you hesitate because you think you have to be 100% perfect at it, or devote huge chunks of your time to your practice, please think again. Even incorporating 5 – 10 minutes of some form of self awareness and alignment into your day can start to create some very noticeable shifts.

Let us give it to you in a way that will be easy to understand. Think of rechargeable batteries. You only have to put them on the charging station for a short period of time in order for them to work well all day. That is exactly what your alignment does! It recharges you, it reconnects you, so you can be of peak performance for the rest of your activities.

Please know there are many options between the extremes of all or nothing that will serve you well. Your intention to connect and support yourself through alignment with Source, however that feels best to you, is really the biggest step. Ease into it. Make it enjoyable, rather than another chore to do throughout your day.

Don’t pressure yourself or judge it, but do try to make small consistent efforts. If you do, you will find yourself looking forward to those moments, and also start noticing the difference it makes in your life, and before you know it alignment will be your preferred state because it feels so good and supports you so well. ~Archangel Gabriel

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