Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 15, 2014

Many of you have a belief that “nice people finish last.” Let us explain why that may seem to be true, but really isn’t the case.

If you are being nice with an attachment to an outcome, you are not acting from your place of authenticity because you are dependant upon a result to feel successful or satisfied, and looking for an external to make you feel whole.

Let us be clear. If you are acting a certain way to get a specific result from another, you are being manipulative. Can you be surprised if you then attract to you the result of feeling manipulated?

If, on the other hand, you understand that every action you take is an act of self definition, and you are acting from a pure place of truth, balance, authentic power and BEingness, your actions will be done for the joy of giving, loving and expressing self with no attachment to outcome. They will be reflecting who you really are, and you will absolutely see the universe respond back to that in kind.

The universe will always respond to the truth of your intentions. The more clarity you have, and the more you honour your own truth and BEingness with your actions, the more pleased you will be with your energetic results. ~Archangel Gabriel

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