Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 23, 2013

The enlightening human being understands their sacred relationship with their guides. They know that they must ask for help, and that at all times their free will is sacred and honoured. They see their guides as part of a wonderful support system that is ready and willing to help, immediately and lovingly, should the help be desired. We find it interesting that humans love and embrace this arrangement, yet rather than carrying this same model on with their friends and family, they instead meddle, rescue, “fix”, and generally lose their boundaries with others! Dear Ones, one of the greatest gifts you can give another is to honour their free will and encourage them to express themselves as the experts of their own lives. If you follow the wonderful model your guides have given you, you will be practicing acceptance and allowing for others with ease, and will be wonderfully encouraging your loved ones to step into their own authentic power as co-creators of their own unique life expressions. ~Archangel Gabriel

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