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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 31, 2018

A reader recently asked, “Why are some of us still dealing with so many lower frequency experiences in our reality, even though we have applied everything we have learned to move beyond them? What are we not understanding? How do we move beyond these experiences?” We would like to address this today.

We understand it can be disconcerting to be so dedicated to your own growth and evolution and have challenging situations occur. In no way does this mean your work has been ineffective! There are many reasons why this can occur.

While in some instances, it can be an indicator of an aspect of you that is still looking for your love and attention, in many cases these experiences are not because you haven’t grown, but rather to show you how far you have grown. It is an opportunity to show up from your latest level of attainment and see how differently you handle it compared to how you might have handled the same situation a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago. How can you gauge your growth if you don’t have experiences to see how far you have come?

In other circumstances you may have an experience because your soul has volunteered to bring balance and stabilizing energy to others who have not yet been able to create that for themselves. Many of you hold the role of both anchor and filter. In other words, you are there to bring the love and the light using your energetics to be of service.

You are part of the whole, and that whole holds many, many layers of energy. As you continue along your enlightenment practice, your overall experience will be far more peaceful than you have experienced in your life so far. Part of knowing your mastery is learning how to bring the peace with you everywhere you go rather than having it be dependant upon certain circumstances.

We urge you to not make things wrong. Trust that if you are operating from a space of surrender, faith, flow, and trust with the intention of being of your highest service, it is all unfolding beautifully, for you to know yourself deeper either through self examination and awareness or through your service and beingness. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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