Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 9, 2013

Practicing unconditional love for others, then denying, or even worse berating the self, is very old, out of balance energy. It is based on the old model of the martyr.

Unity consciousness, the very energies you are seeking to move into as you are creating a brand New Earth, requires equal love and concern for ALL. Considering yourself more spiritual, more sacrificing, more in service, less deserving or less accepting of any element would be perpetuating the very separation consciousness you are seeking to evolve beyond.

Dear Ones, you are the wayshowers. You are the ones who are blazing new trails and teaching by your wonderful examples. Why would anyone wish to follow a path that was filled with nothing but lack and self sacrifice?

You are all on the planet to move into your authentic power, to co-create, together, a world that is balanced and fair, that honours all, that has unconditional love and support for all life and is created by joyful service. You simply cannot support the whole and deny the one in these new energies. ~Archangel Gabriel

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