Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 18, 2014

Dear Ones, if you were looking at a table filled with food from eye level, it would be very difficult for you to see everything that was on the table. You would see the offerings that were right in front of you, but would not be sure what exists beyond those items.

You might, for example, only see a big carton of milk right in front of you. You really desire orange juice, but because all you see is milk, you might feel like you are stuck with milk. You might just make do with milk. You might choose to drink nothing at all because all you have is something you don’t want. It never occurs to you that orange juice is just a request away, because you cannot be sure it even exists for you.

The universe is looking at your table. It can effortlessly see all the endless potentials that are available to you, that you simply cannot see from your vantage point. All you need to do is to ask, and to trust that if you can imagine it, it is a viable option.

From the universe’s view, it can easily see the most direct way to bring you orange juice. It does not care if you have enough money for orange juice. The universe never doubts for a second that you are worthy of orange juice. It simply honours your request because you are exercising your free will and your ability to co-create. But if you are not willing to put down the milk carton and accept your true preference as an option, it would be very difficult for the universe to put the orange juice in your hands!

Do you see? It doesn’t matter if you can’t see how it will happen. It simply matters that you know you can have whatever you want. So ask the universe to pass the orange juice, and be ready and willing to accept it, as someone who has a permanent place set at the abundant dinner table of the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel

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