Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 25, 2014

Dear Ones, do you keep yourselves small and play it safe so you don’t risk disappointment? What a curious thing to do! You think, I won’t go after what I really want, because if something happens that I don’t get it I’ll be disappointed. So I will consciously choose to not have the thing I want in case I don’t get the thing I want. You are choosing disappointment to avoid disappointment. Do you see? You are choosing the very thing you don’t want!

You are sabotaging so many wondrous potentials in your lives by such thinking. Every great thing that has every happened to you, that has ever happened on your planet, has come from an opening to potential. If you do try to go after something you really want and it doesn’t work out, all that has happened is you have created an opportunity to adjust your course to get to your end result. You have gathered more information on your quest. And you have been living fully and honouring the nudges of your soul in the process.

So live, Dear Ones! Try things! Dare to dream. Open yourself to potentials. Your soul has worked so very hard to come into the body and be present during this amazing time on your planet to have experiences – lots of them! Be the biggest version you can of yourself and honour yourself by being true to what you are yearning to do. You will never, ever regret having the full experience, but you may very well regret never even trying. ~Archangel Gabriel

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