Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 26, 2013

There is a wondrous thing that happens when you embrace your growth and evolution on your spiritual path.  You will find that your path smooths out, that there is much less trauma and heartache.  You see, trauma often serves the purpose of shaking you out of a slumber, of waking you up, of getting your attention.  When you are grabbing the reins and willingly moving forward, trauma becomes unnecessary.  Anything that you consider “bad” on your life’s journey has served a higher purpose of growth and healing.  Once you evolve into a state of acceptance of all things, you will stop deeming things good or bad, but rather as experiences and will move through them with much more grace and ease.  Growth doesn’t have to be hard, Dear Ones.  It can be done willingly, joyfully, open-heartedly, without fear or hesitation.  This is why as the human beings of light continue to move forward it will usher in much more peace and harmony on your planet.  When everyone is moving willingly, there is far less need for a bumpy road. ~Archangel Gabriel

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