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Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 27, 2018

Dear Ones, what you push against most in your life is usually where you wish to prove yourself right. We ask to whom? The need to be recognized as right is still demonstrating a need for approval from others, or agreement from others, before you can let something go and honour yourself.

There is no need for another to give you permission to feel the way you feel. If something feels wrong for you, it is. There is no need to defend yourself, explain yourself, or otherwise make it be alright with others that it is not right for your path. The fact that it doesn’t feel good is the only reason you need to redirect and choose something different.

You cannot step into your own mastery and still be looking for approval from others, for not honouring your own path until you get external validation is still giving your power away. You are mindful, wise, aware, and the only qualified expert on you. You have everything within you already to discern what empowers you and matches you energetically. You can honour those matches firmly and kindly without the need for making others wrong. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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