Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 8, 2016

Many of you have the feeling that healing is a long, drawn out process. It may have seemed that way, when energies were slower moving and denser, and people were generally more resistant. But right now you have the opportunity for deep and accelerated healing.

You see healing is a flow, and as you start to harness the many supports that are available for you to use, as well as embrace a complete surrender into what is required to let go of, and receive, your healing can occur faster and far more efficiently than ever before.

Miraculous healings occur when a person is completely non-resistant, has shifted into higher energies, and wholeheartedly accepts all of the help that is available to them. Can you see how the energies you are in right now, along with your greater understanding of the importance of surrender and flow, faith and trust, along with acceptance and allowing, support that healing model so beautifully?

Your evolvement, along with the energies flooding your planet, are opening up new potentials like never before. So do not constrain your future success with the models of the past, Dear Ones, for you are in unprecedented times that are opening up possibilities that would have seemed impossible not long ago. ~Archangel Gabriel

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