Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 14, 2013

Dear Ones, we understand that between eclipses and solar flares, this can be a challenging time for those of the human condition. We know many of you are tired, and feel like you have been on an endless journey of purging and clearing. We also know that these conditions can be bringing up many of the deepest, darkest wounds and belief systems that have been lying at your murky depths, in some cases for centuries. People ask, how do we let this go? If it coming up into your awareness, Dear Ones, it is trying to leave! Let it go! There are no special requirements, because all the elements are already in place for it to leave. Rather than, with great dread and angst, seeing such things as a burden and more work, perhaps it would help if you look at it as a parade. “Look, here comes the depression! Oh, there goes the anxiety! Oh, wow, look at that big float of victim consciousness! Did you see the size of that fear?” Wave at them merrily on their way by, knowing they are only passing through your awareness for you to wave goodbye to as they are leaving. By seeing your releasing as a good thing, and by taking an observant viewpoint, you can assist the process greatly and embrace it as a joyous event. ~Archangel Gabriel

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