Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 4, 2021

When you have a desire and incorporate even the smallest action into your life that matches that intention, it becomes a part of who you are and sends out energetic ripples that the universe will respond to. What we want you to understand is you don’t have to climb an entire mountain to create change. You simply have to take small consistent steps.

You are in a phase where you are learning the power of working with subtle energies. You are energetic alchemists! By choosing what you prefer and infusing that preference into your life in whatever way is available to you right now, you are adjusting your energy and making a new energetic declaration of your beingness.

Don’t hold yourselves back waiting to be ready to make grandiose changes, Dear Ones. Slow and steady wins the race. What one thing can you add to your experience today, that holds the energy of where you wish to go?

We want you to understand that even one small action has the power to create big shifts because the essence of that desire has gone from being something that might happen one day to something you are experiencing in your now moment, and you can, with your love and consistency, grow it from there with the full support of the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s note: As I received this message I had the knowingness that this is exactly why making vision boards can be a powerful tool – we choose what represents the energy of what we wish to experience and through that act we have incorporated some of that essence into our now moment and it starts to take on form from there. Isn’t that cool?!

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