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Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 5, 2020

We wish for you to pay attention to what happens to your body when you are in resistance. You will feel a contraction of your energy. There is no expansion and no movement. Because your energy is closed off you cannot create or receive.

You have a choice to do one of two things. If your resistance is letting you know something is not an energetic match to you, you can simply accept that input and redirect into something that is. If your resistance is due to some part of you that is desperately seeking your attention and healing, it is time to explore that aspect and tend to it as your own loving guide and parent, giving it whatever it needs so it becomes willing to get back into expansion and movement.

What you cannot do is resist the resistance into some kind of positive result because it will only perpetuate more of the same energy. Resistance is a stalled energy. All it will do is keep you dancing around the same issue until you discover what information it can provide you with. By being willing to explore the purpose of the resistance you shift into acceptance and automatically move back into forward movement. You release your participation in the perpetuation of the energy that was keeping you tethered to the unwanted.

We wish for you to be aware that if you are in resistance you are not able to receive. Resistance is a no energy. Acceptance is a yes energy. If you are consistently focused on your no’s you cannot discover the abundance of supports and solutions that always exist for you.

Your wisdom always knows what you need to move forward. Pay attention to your energetic responses. Ask yourself if your focus is flowing you forward or digging you deeper. Lovingly redirect yourself if necessary and be willing to flow into your highest potentials, Dear Ones, for that is the only way you can find the deeply satisfying matches your soul is trying to lead you to. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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