Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 6, 2014

We understand that the energies of April were very energetically challenging for you. Just like the stone that tumbles to be polished, you will find yourselves losing your hard edges. Know you will find a state of energetic refinement where you are feeling calmer, where you are feeling peaceful, where you are finding that a balanced, calm, very present energy is where you feel most comfortable.

What is so remarkable about that, and what none of you have quite recognized yet, is it means you bring your peace with you everywhere you go. It is not dependant upon another human being. It is not dependant upon things looking a certain way in your world. It is not dependant upon wearing the right outfit, or being in a specific locale. Do you see? This is how far you have shifted and this is exactly what you have been wanting to create for yourselves – a deeply peaceful way of being that has become your very own foundation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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