hiker in ornamental grass trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 9, 2023

Let us suppose you are given an opportunity to be in a treasure hunt. If you sat and fretted that you don’t know where the items are, and worried that you wouldn’t find them, and were afraid the path might be hard, and the weather might not be good, you would never leave the house to even begin, and the chances of finding the treasure would be zero.

But if you embraced the idea that it was a fun journey of exploration, and entered into the flow of it all and allowed the path to lead you, not only would you be much more likely to find treasure, you’d also have the opportunity to enjoy the weather, breathe in the fresh air, meet other people, find clues, and enjoy the beauty of nature, all the while making joyful discoveries and being fully open to the unfoldment that leads to your highest potentials.

Dear Ones, we urge you to not overthink where the flow is trying to take you. Get into movement. Try new things. Cast your net wider. Allow yourself to be surprised. Become the intrepid explorer of your own glorious life expression. Even if you don’t find the treasure right away, we guarantee there will be lots of gifts and beautiful moments along the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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