Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 12, 2013

Worry is an energy a great number of human beings struggle with. It is deeply ingrained, as it is a habit that is often passed down from generation to generation. It comes from feeling powerless with life, from the idea that life happens to you and you have little control over it. There is also an association that to worry about someone is to show you care.

Dear Ones, worry is a very dense energy, an energy of resistance. Worry demonstrates a lack of faith and a fear of flow. Once you have fallen into worry, you have shifted out of your highest alignment and out of your authentic power.

We understand it is difficult to move out of such old, well established habits. The easiest way to move out of worry is to surrender it. Give it UP. Realign with your authentic power and focus on what it is you wish to create. Accept that you are loved, connected, helped and guided at all times, as is every single soul on the planet. By doing so you will be supporting the truth and empowerment of all, and from that vantage point you will see how unnecessary the need for worry really is. Simply put, you cannot worry about another and celebrate their divinity at the same time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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