Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 13, 2012

“No pain, no gain,” is an expression commonly used among human beings. Variations of the sentiment are accepted as truth, with humans believing that somehow struggle is a necessary part of growth. While people DO create crisis for themselves as catalysts for growth, it is often after the person has missed a multitude of subtle bumps and nudges and opportunities that have been presented to them to move into that same growth in an easier fashion. If you understand that pain is frequently a result of resistance to the flow, and it is through flow that growth is achieved, you will see why that sentiment is faulty. While we agree that some souls have contracted to have traumatic experiences, please know that the great majority of your spiritual growth could be done with ease, grace and joy! You can choose, right now, to do a multitude of things to move you into your highest alignment and authentic power. You always get to choose! So, instead of a mantra that is filled with pain and struggle, why not try something softer? May we suggest, “No flow, no glow”? ~Archangel Gabriel

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