Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 20, 2012

Many of you have become quite adept at surrendering to the flow, understanding the power of such an act. Where many humans tend to struggle is with staying in the flow. Dear Ones, there are two major aspects that continually block your progress. They are fear and doubt. So many of you beautifully surrender and enter the flow and then very shortly after start to worry. Did I surrender correctly? Am I in the flow? What if I’m not in the flow? What if I did it wrong? What if it is just my imagination? What if the flow takes me somewhere I don’t want to be? Dear Ones! Please take your doubters and your fearers and throw them out! You are always safe, guided and supported! Surrender and flow can only bring you to your highest good. Allow yourself to stay in the flow long enough to let the magic happen! There is no right or wrong way to surrender, there is just letting go with heartfelt intention. You are all masters and these are skills you all have, but you must allow yourself to stay in the the movement long enough for the magic to occur. ~Archangel Gabriel

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