Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 30, 2012

The whole purpose of the Great Shift of the Ages is to find your truth, your faith, which connects you to your authentic power and authentic self. You have worked hard over the past months and years to define that truth, and to continually enlighten as you become more in touch with the truth of your essence. Dear Ones, as things continue to accelerate there will be many who will challenge your beliefs, particularly if they are fearful of change or stepping into their own authentic power. It is imperative that you stay connected to that part of you that is always balanced and unshakeable in your faith and to continue to move forward in the ways that best empower you. Honour others in their beliefs, for they are exactly where they need to be on their own divine path, but do not allow anyone to shake your foundation. Remember, a master does not force beliefs on anyone, so if someone is trying to make you wrong, it is telling you they are not operating from their highest alignment and are not qualified to lead you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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