child admiring flower trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 17, 2019

Today is one of those “not a normal daily message” kind of days. :)

Yesterday Gabriel showed me a very powerful image. He showed me a person standing at a fork in the road. To the person’s right the land was dark and dense, almost as if there had been a forest fire. There were dark spikes coming up from the ground. The whole area looked charred and desolate and was completely bereft of light or life.

To the left of the person, there was an abundance of flowers and greenery. There were birds and insects. The whole area was green and lush and was teeming with life, growth, and expansion.

He then explained to me that to the right was the land of lack, to the left was the land of abundance. He was showing me the energetics required for creation. If your focus is on lack, you are trying to thrive from a space that has no sustenance and only contains expired energy. If your focus is on the abundance that already exists, you are navigating from a space that supports and sustains life and creation because it is energetically vibrant.

I have never seen the energetics required for creation so clearly before! Along with the vision, he shares this… Dear Ones, your focus is the foundation of your energetic creations. We encourage you to play and create from the base of gratitude for the abundance that already exists, for that is the space that has the ability to energetically support your growth and expansion, and offers you wonder and satisfaction in each Now moment. ~A combination of Archangel Gabriel and Shelley Young

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