Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 20, 2016


Dear Ones, we know that in turbulent energies it can be difficult to know how to proceed. There is wisdom in waiting before you do anything until you have more clarity.

We understand that you may wish to do something definitive in order to find some measure of control. But deciding to wait until things settle and you have a better sense of what is the right direction for you, is still making a decision, and it is one that will serve you well.

The fact that you are unclear, is telling you that you are not far enough into what the energies are supporting for you. Times of energetic intensity are meant for self care, for pausing, for integrating.

The optimal time to make choices is once you have reached the new vista that exists on the other side of the intense energies you have been in. To decide then means you are making a decision based on what is a match to the newest version of you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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