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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 20, 2022

Dear Ones, you enter into the body with specific themes you wish to explore. Think of it as a focused area of study.

You may never release those themes completely, nor are you meant to. They are present for you to expand your mastery with that particular area or theme. The reason we tell you this is we want you to understand you are not a failure if it is never gone. It is not about getting rid of it per se, but rather about coming to a place of peace and mastery with that theme.

The success comes not from eradicating it, but rather from being able to see how much you’ve grown, how you’ve expanded your conscious awareness around that theme, and have come to experience it from a far more empowered space. From there you will be able to see the gift of it all, how it has affected your life and experiences, not as a punishment but rather an opportunity that has supported your continual growth and evolution, and often pointed you to your own service path.

Do you see? The pre-set themes you choose beautifully direct you in the most marvellous ways to your expansion and purpose. They ensure your growth and let us reassure you, you are doing a magnificent job in harnessing every opportunity they offer you. ~Archangel Gabriel though Shelley Young

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