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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 27, 2022

Your self presence brings a deep sense of balance to your enlightenment journey because it honours both your higher self and your human self equally. That balance you will help you stop abandoning yourself through old limiting beliefs and patterns because it will be able to recognize those old habits in a neutral and non-judgemental way. When you are connected to your inner wisdom you make much healthier choices. This creates an energetic space where profound healing can occur.

You might be surprised when we tell you that one of the things you yearn for the most is your own presence. Your self presence is a key pillar of your self love process. When was the last time you made space to simply be with yourself? Can you make the sacred commitment to start to do that? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: There may be no daily message over the next day or so. I actually live in the part of Florida that is in the path of the hurricane. I’ll have to play things by ear for the next couple of days because I’m not sure what conditions will be like or if I’ll have power or internet. We’ve actually been pretty lucky that we haven’t had a big storm in our area since we moved here 4 years ago. Storm shutters are going up today and we’re going to hunker down and ride it out. Prayers for the most benevolent outcome are always appreciated!

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