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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 3, 2019

Most of you have felt the intensity of the last several months as you are releasing and healing the last vestiges of the first phase of your incarnation. Many of you are in the pregnant pause, the phase where you are given space to gain clarity on who you are today based on all the shifting, purging, and integrating you have done. You are getting to know yourselves again in a new, unencumbered way.

Now that you are not going to be driven by past conditioning, old soul contracts, karmic debts or agreements, or service contracts that are now complete, what is possible? What would you like to experience? What have you always wanted to do but didn’t due to other people’s needs or opinions?

What can you do now that you aren’t driven by fear? What path does your heart choose? What gifts are opening to you based on your latest level of attainment? What brings you joy? What have you always wanted to try or experience? If you had a chance to redo your entire life expression, what would you do differently based on the wisdom you now have?

You are, in effect, being given a chance for what you would call a do-over, to experience everything that is possible without the restraints of societal conditioning or your own self imposed limitations. What a glorious time, indeed! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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