Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 5, 2017

So many of you have completed one phase of your journey and are anxious for the next phase to begin. You are yearning for new experiences and potentials, new timelines, if you will.

So how do you shift into the new timelines? By surrender, faith, flow, trust, and intention. If you are using those navigational tools, you are poised and ready to move as soon as the elements have come together behind the scenes.

It takes all of the guess work out of things, you see, when you practice surrender, faith, flow, and trust, along with your intention. You know you are primed and ready to move the second the energies support it. You can then simply stay present and engaged in the Now moment until then, following the signs and synchronicities, giving your feedback through gratitude, and doing whatever brings you comfort and joy with your day.

Do you see? Your intention is how you co-create. Your surrender, faith, flow, and trust is your willingness to experience the new. Together they are the operating system of the fully empowered human being. ~Archangel Gabriel

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