Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 13, 2016

One of the reasons human beings can be afraid to love fully is that they believe it is a one way street, that it will involve them being loving and getting nothing in return. That is based on the old conditional love model which states I will love you so long as I get something in return. It is also based on many years of out of balance love, and the idea that love is work with little return.

Dear Ones, please hear us when we say that moving into unconditional love also means receiving love! It means fully embracing the flow of universal love that is always there for you to tap into. It means making yourself as important and included in your love as all others. It means fully understanding that love never hurts, it is the absence of love that is painful.

As you all move forward wishing to have more profound relationships than ever before, it is time to examine and release your limiting conditional love practices once and for all. The old ways simply cannot get you where you wish to go. There is a whole universe of love to tap into that honours and celebrates all, and that is what we wish for you to allow yourselves to do, for that is the greatest joy you can experience on your planet today. ~Archangel Gabriel

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