Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 17, 2013

When a sudden, unexpected act occurs that shakes up human beings, many respond by going into high alert.  This inevitably begins the onslaught of conspiracy theories flooding to the forefront. Dear Ones, hear us when we say that you cannot create the changes you wish to see by focusing on what you do not want.  Conspiracy theories make people feel disempowered, suspicious, frightened, distrustful and absolutely support an us vs them attitude which further encourages separation consciousness.  Do not allow an event to shake you from your firm foundation into fear and doubt. We are not suggesting you live your lives with your heads in the sand.  Acknowledge what is happening, lend your support, send prayers, light and encouragement.  What we are saying is that in order to stay in your highest alignment and be the most empowered influence you can be, you must hold your balance and focus on the new Golden Age that is being born.  That is the job of the wayshower, that is staying in your mastery and being of the highest service to all.  It is essential that you walk your talk, not only when times are calm, but especially when there are times of crisis. ~Archangel Gabriel

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