Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 2, 2014

As you continue on through your enlightenment process, you become aware that BEing is the way of the soul, while doing is the way of the lower self. You understand that the creations that are the best energetic matches to you come from alignment, rather than effort. So along this line, we wish to ask you, are you creating a living or earning a living?

Creating comes from that place of BEingness and alignment, from your authentic power, your intention, your passions and your purpose. Earning, for many of you, comes with the connotation of hard work for limited reward, of proving your worth, time and again, and if you “put your nose to the grindstone”, regardless of whether you like it or not, you will be compensated. One works from the energies of complete acceptance and abundance, the other from the energies of having to prove yourself through continued judgement and fighting for your share of a limited pile. Can you feel the energetic difference?

When you are creating from your highest alignment, worthiness is never an issue. You are joyfully co-creating with the universe from a place of ultimate abundance. When you are still stuck in the cycle of trying to prove your worth, you are trying to thrive in the illusion of a limited universe.

So, Dear Ones, simply align first, and then create from that place of empowered BEingness! Step into the stream of highest alignment and unlimited abundance and live from there. It is simply a matter of claiming those divine energies that are your birthright and understanding that joy, grace, ease, unconditional love and unlimited support are there for you, whenever you choose. ~Archangel Gabriel

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