Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 12, 2015

When you allow yourself to move into openness to new possibilities, the universe has a myriad of new ways to show up for you. It is you, through your openness, your acceptance, and your allowing, that makes this possible.

When you are always focused on the same routine, or what is unwanted, it is extremely difficult to create new circumstances for yourself. This is why falling into what you call a rut will eventually become very uncomfortable – your soul is always looking for ways to expand and experience, and when things become too uncomfortable, you will open yourself up to change. Again, you do not need to experience discomfort to facilitate change. You can willingly cooperate with the universe through your acceptance and allowing, surrender and flow.

So just be open, Dear Ones. Again we say, allow the universe to serve and delight you, because there are so many wonders beyond what you could imagine that are simply waiting for your permission to come into your existence. ~Archangel Gabriel

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