Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 20, 2014

When you have an attachment to an outcome, you are making your happiness dependant upon an external condition. In a sense, you are gambling with your emotional well-being. Even if you get the result you were hoping for, the happiness will be short-lived because it didn’t come from you, which makes it unsustainable. Before you know it you are chasing happiness everywhere but in the one place that can create it in a lasting and truly satisfying way, within yourself.

Dear Ones, depending upon outward circumstances for your perceived well-being is old conditioning. It was impressed upon you in days of old, when the agenda of those in power on your planet was to keep the masses compliant and disempowered.

Release those old ideas! You are part of an amazing process on your planet, right now, that is supporting you taking back your power. Know you have everything within you, right now, to start to live the deeply satisfying life expression you yearn for. True freedom comes from embracing your authentic power to create and choose whatever it is you would like to experience, as an enlightening human being, on an ascending planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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