Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 22, 2012

The goal of the enlightening human being is remembering who you really are and allowing that light to shine. It is embracing deep awareness and beingness. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the human being who devotes himself to forgetting who he really is, who deliberately dims his light and aims for continued unconsciousness. This is the life of a person experiencing addictions, and it is a very painful life expression, indeed. While we understand many who are energetically sensitive can find it uncomfortable, we are amazed by how many humans work hard on their spirituality and levels of awareness then injest substances that are designed to make them forget. Dear Ones, does this make sense to you? Do you see you would be forever playing energetic catch up? This is one of the classic ways the ego self sabotages your growth. If you are walking a spiritual path and wish to experience higher and higher levels of energetic clarity, we highly encourage you to match those efforts with what you put into your bodies and the energies you surround yourself with. ~Archangel Gabriel

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