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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 25, 2021

We were recently asked, “Why is it my mother can trigger me so quickly and make me feel like I’m 14 again?” We would like to address this today.

Your parents, and you, came in with the exact energetics and traits required for you to find your preferred path of experience. Sometimes you parents guide you by showing you who to be. Sometimes they guide you by showing you who not to be. All of this is information for you to decide what your preferences are and who you really are.

There is great love and a deeply respectful soul contract between you, which may have an overlay that feels somewhat triggering. This overlay is designed to help you want to launch your own path, and to continually drive you to find your own truth and your own way. It is what makes you want to ultimately launch into your own life expression.

You feel that challenging overlay strongest when you are teenagers. That is designed to prepare you to detach from the parents and want to venture out into your own individual life expression, usually around the age of 18. That is why when you get back around your parents you can feel like you regress to being a teen – you are responding to the peak of those energetics. When that particular energetic overlay is not present, you see adult children having never left home and failing to launch.

It is not uncommon to have one parent who is much easier to be around and another who is more triggering. This is by design to meet your various needs and was agreed to on a soul level.

Another thing that may be causing you discomfort is that your parents came from a different energetic time that you have already evolved beyond. What you may be rejecting is not your parents at all but rather the older energetics and belief systems that are not a match to you.

So what is the key to being more comfortable with your parents? It is not necessarily about healing this because it is an energetic template that is meant to last in varying intensity throughout your days. It is about coming to acceptance that the overlay exists for a purpose, and that purpose is for you to find your own truth and your own way.

Just as you get uncomfortable in your own life when energies no longer match you and this occurs to get you to embrace change when it comes, so it is with these relationships. If you can honour the fact that there is underlying love, respect, and purpose beneath it all you can move from resistance to acceptance, which will make your time with those loved ones much easier. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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