Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 11, 2015

During this week leading up to your day that celebrates love, some people find it difficult if they are not in a relationship. If you are finding yourself feeling sad or upset, we would like to point out to you that it is likely due to the fact that you are focused on what you consider to be an absence of love.

Dear Ones, do not get tripped up over perceived lack this week! There is an abundance of love all around you. Use this week to see the endless potential the universe holds! See all the hearts, the chocolates, the roses, as a love letter to you from Source. Fill yourself up with love. See all the evidence of love as a sure sign it is making its way to you. Take a moment to commune with your future love, sending that person affection, encouragement and appreciation, and feeling the connection that already exists between your souls.

If you embrace the love that flows to you and through you from Source, if you fill yourself up with unconditional love and feel all the love you are ready to share, you can see this Valentine’s Day as wonderful preparation for the love that is sure to find you, whenever the timing is perfect for you and your future beloved. ~Archangel Gabriel

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