Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 20, 2013

Many of you have become quite adept at consciously manifesting smaller things in your lives, but still struggle with manifesting what you consider the bigger things, be it a large amount of money, perfect health, a beautiful love relationship or a career that brings you joy and prosperity.  If this is an issue for you, it is likely that you are carrying fear or doubt around the thing you wish to create. Fear and doubt, when present, will always create blockages to your deepest desires because they are very effective flow stoppers.  How do you know if you have fear or doubt attached to your desire? Simply check in with your body.  Think of what it is you would like to create.  Pay attention to what happens within yourself as you think about it, particularly in the abdominal region.  Do you feel tension?  Clenching?  Stress?  Think about something you know you can easily draw to yourself. Feel your body.  You will notice that it feels completely clear.  You may feel a flow or you may even feel a feeling of being absolutely assured that you can create that experience.  Go back to the larger creation you are feeling stuck with. Feel your fear and resistance, then imagine moving that energy up and releasing it out through your heart centre.  Keep doing this until you can think about the thing you want to create without the fear and stress, until you can feel it and have a calm assuredness around it.  If you like, you can ask your guides to help you release your fear and doubt around that particular creation.  Dear Ones, please know the universe is always working to bring your desires to you.  You must simply be in an energy of calm, grounded acceptance to draw it in. ~Archangel Gabriel

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