Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 6, 2013

As you continue to pay attention to your limiting self talk, pay close attention to anything that follows the word ‘but’ in a sentence.  Often the first half of the sentence is your creator self talking, the part of you that is trying to live the life expression of your dreams, and everything after the ‘but’ is your ego self, the part of you that seeks to control and keep you small.  Classic examples of this would be, “Oh, I’d love to learn how to paint but I can’t get away from the house because of the kids.”  “I’d love to meet someone but I need to lose these last 10 lbs first.”  “Meditating feels wonderful and I know it is good for me but I am way too busy for that.”  “I’d love to eat a healthier diet but it takes too much work and it costs too much money.”  “I’d love to go away for the weekend but my family would fall apart without me.” Do you see?  Of course not everything that follows ‘but’ in a sentence is false, but many times it is simply the ego self swooping in to stall your progress before you even get started.  There are no extra points awarded in heaven for sacrifice, Dear Ones.  Live.  Live wholly, largely, beautifully.  That is what you have come into the body to do, is it not? ~Archangel Gabriel

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